Broke Art students Guide to Silver Spring, Maryland by Sojiat



As a broke of college art-school student, here is my guide to save most of your money in Silver Spring, MD! You start off with your classes at the Cafritz center! After a long day of classes and drawing, you get a little hungry right? Here are your options - 711: Instant ramen, mini beef tacos, some chips and water; fine dining wouldn't you say? The Big Greek Cafe: They sell fresh Gyro's for only 5$ on Wednesdays! Kaldi's Cafe: Your main caffeine supply, if you get to know the baristas you might get lucky and get an extra espresso shot in your cappuccino. (shoutout Casen and Kathy) Fortunately for me I use to work at the Starbucks in the corner, so I occasionally get free food. Usually don't go there cause it's kind of a walk from school. (shoutout ash and rein) Or maybe you're ready to purchase some overpriced art supplies? Head over the Plaza Art Store and preemptively apologize to your wallet. (The people at Plaza are actually great staff that do their best to give you the best discounts, shoutout to Theo) Library is a pretty nice place to study; lots of window. Planet fitness, cause fitness is great. and that's about it