Colophon comes from the Greek word “κολοφων” or "kolophon," which means "summit" or "finishing touch." It is a description of the details and methods behind a publication and is often found on the last few pages of books.


The TDAT logo was hand drawn by Nate. This site utilizes @font-face typefaces. Navigation and headings feature DIN Condensed, a clear, space-efficient typeface available from fonts.com. Body text for the site is set in Maison Neue.


The interactive firm Neoteric Design designed and developed this site in the summer of 2015. Neoteric delivers forward-thinking design and user-focused software that people love to use. With more than 15 years experience, we guide innovative arts organizations, start-ups, universities, and museums from blue-sky ideas to successful launches.


Illustrator, Atom, Sublime, and countless pots of coffee were used in the creation of this site. The site runs on Ruby on Rails and maintained using Neoteric Design's custom CMS. It is mobile responsive, authored using HTML5, and complies with (most of the) web standards set by the W3C.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this site, please contact Nate or Salli. Thank you!