A Tribute to My Mother's Hometown: Klang, Malaysia by 'Amirah Ayob

Selangor, MY


This place is special to me because it is the birthplace and home to a woman who means the world to me, my mother. Despite being born and raised in this town, I've never really got myself 'that familiar' with it. Probably because of the many years being out of town for studies. Listing out the places of interest was quite challenging and I think that is normal for a lot of us when it comes to extracting such information from one's hometown; how ironic. Sure, you frequent its traffic, you rush through that one hidden gem on daily basis, you may know every turn and corner like the back of your palm but to get that sense of 'this town is touristy enough', that may need some work. My secret is to turn to TripAdvisor. That way, I get to learn to see it from a different perspective. That's how I see the hidden gems - that's how I realise there's a lot to re-learn about this little town we call home. So here is a little introduction to Klang from my side.