Holmön in a year by M Julie Thiel

Kalmar, SE


This place is special to me because it is unlike any other place I have been to before. Holmön is a small island with a strong sense of community in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. In the process of moving through the island’s environment, working on student projects and engaging with locals, my classmates and I had ourselves become a part of its community.

The island is removed from the hustle and bustle of a busy outside world and characterized by its physical limitations. It depicts a place of excitement, exploration and powerful contrasts. The local climate is marked by large seasonal temperature differences which offer plenty of outdoor activities all year round. During the winter months Holmön has around 50 residents who are regularly cut off due to weather and ice conditions. Every summer tourists take over the island — more than a 1000 people a day attend the annual mail rowing and folk festival. My map gives a brief overview of selected activities the island Holmön has to offer.