Véronique Hamel

Quebec, Quebec, CA


I am an illustrator who creates with digital media as well as traditionnal media such as ink, watercolor and acrylic. Fascinated by travel and discovery, I always create a sketchbook wherever I go. My biggest dream? Travel all over the world to illustrate everything I see and keep perfect memories. I don’t have a favorite subject, my artworks are a compilation of eclectic motifs, characters, locations and curious objects.

I am an illustrator from Quebec City. I had the opportunity to create pictures for various clients in the last few years (book illustration, editorial and custom orders). I did a Bachelor Degree of Digital Media and Fine Arts at Laval University (QC). Interested by visuals arts in general, I am inspired by contemporary paintings, concept art and children’s illustration.

Maps By Véronique Hamel

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Quebec, Quebec, CA


Gaspésie is a beautiful region North of Quebec