Treava Pegg

East Gwillimbury, Ontario, CA


I am a nature nerd capturing my love of birds and animals in art and photography. I find the city vibes of nearby Toronto exciting, but much prefer the wilderness of Canadas’ landscapes. I love and am inspired by travel as well, absorbing the cultures and foods of this amazing planet.
I love working in watercolour and pastels but occasionally venture into other media.
I live with my husband and crazy, wonderful black cat Zorro.

Maps By Treava Pegg

Mizzy Lake Trail in Algonquin National Park, Ontario, Canada by Treava Pegg

East Gwillimbury, Ontario, CA


A favourite trail of mine, embracing you in wildness at any time of year. Even driving/walking along the road near the trail is wonderful. I've illustrated some of the birds and animals I have seen there and the sense of change through the four seasons.