Rashmi Rao (RR Arts and Design)

Dublin, CA, US


Hi! My name is Rashmi Rao, a passionate artist, surface pattern designer and an art educator ba¬sed out of Dublin, California. I love design, smell of paper, crumpled paint tubes & chai. Everything handmade and original dazzles me. I’m a maker. I love to make things with my hands. Colors, patterns & textures empower and inspire me while children, people & cultures kindle fresh perspectives on my palette. Nature, Indian heritage and the world of design around me are some key elements that influence my work. My design style is a blend of east & west with ethnic motifs infused to fit the modern contemporary taste. Today, my main focus is designing wedding stationery, textile & surface pattern design & teaching art to children. A perfect day to me is doing experimental art, listening to music, taking a stroll with my husband, toddler & dog and delicious eating!

Maps By Rashmi Rao (RR Arts and Design)