Mimi Yang

Roma, Lazio, IT


Hi! My name is Mimi and I'm an illustrator. I am originally from Taiwan, a mountainous island in the Pacific blessed with magnificent wild vegetation and a rich culinary landscape. Having grown up there, it's probably no wonder that I love to draw food, animals, and nature so much.

After studying and working in various places around the world, in 2018 I’ve finally settled down in Rome with my husband and dog (they're not the same person, although sometimes it feels like they could).

I have been enjoying the somewhat indolent charm of the Eternal City, which provides me with many inspirations for my work, yet I can't help but picture my future self in the countryside with lots of animals and a veggie garden.

In my free time, I love to cook and try new recipes, a passion that can be easily satisfied in Italy. Every week I learn to cook a new dish, try a vegetable I haven’t eaten before, or find out a new fun food fact. With the diversity of the local traditions and culinary cultures here, there is just so much to explore. 

As for my work, I do mostly watercolor, sometimes combined with color pencils, wax pastels, and dip pen. I am intrigued by how illustrations change when realized on different surfaces, so I like to experiment with materials as well as to make illustrated objects.

My desire to try new ways also makes me always open to collaborations: if you like my work and would like to create something together, do send me a message at mimioyanga@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Maps By Mimi Yang

A Day of Street Food in Testaccio, Rome, Italy by Mimi Yang

Roma, Lazio, IT


Let's take a walk in Testaccio, Rome to discover its delicious street foods! This neighbourhood offers great food all day long! I've listed all my favorite spots to enjoy breakfast, grab a quick bite and have a drink! Follow this street food map to eat and drink for the whole day as you walk through the neighbourhood.