Melissa Lomax

Philadelphia, PA, US


Melissa Lomax is a freelance illustrator, greeting card artist and creator of Doodle Town Comics! She loves making tiny little worlds with unique characters that are often inspired by her childhood memories. Melissa is currently living in her dream apartment, on the top of a hill, with the love of her life.

Maps By Melissa Lomax

New York - 'Locations I Love & Areas I Want To Visit' by Melissa Lomax

Philadelphia, PA, US


This place is special to me because, my sister and I spent a extraordinary long weekend in New York. It was our first big adventure together and we created so many magical memories! Now, I'd like to return and explore the rest of New York state. I love nature and there is such wide range of places to discover and enjoy. With my 'Locations I Love & Areas I Want To Visit' Map in hand, I'm ready for the next expedition!