Dot Oddity

Stockholm, SE


I’m Maria Larsson, the founder of DO ILLUSTRATION! studio and it’s creative corner for colourful odd projects and ideas; DOT ODDITY. This is where you’ll find surface pattern design and illustrations for textiles, apparel, wallpaper, stationery and more. Do Illustration! also makes scientific illustrations for medical journals etc. I draw my inspiration from Scandinavian Folklore, Swedish design of the 50’s, the magical worlds of children and the beautiful nature around Stockholm where I grew up.

Maps By Dot Oddity

Stockholm, Sweden since 1252 by Dot Oddity

Stockholm, SE


Sometimes you have to leave a place to truly appreciate its unique qualities. It was not until living abroad I started to really see the most fantastic features of my hometown Stockholm, most of which I took for granted when living there. When making my first map ever this was my obvious choice! Being a former archaeologist I wish I could have squeezed in sooo much more! Maybe there will be another one!