Cornelia Duemling

Hamburg, Hamburg, DE


I grew up cooking and drawing. This hasn’t changed very much until today. As a child my family of farmers and restaurateurs instilled an appreciation and curiosity about food and cooking that I never lost. It became a way to connect with people no matter in which country I lived. I worked a couple years as food stylist, but now I am focusing on my other passion and work as an illustrator and pattern designer. But, no big surprise, I love to illustrate food. I love the bright colors and gorgeous textures, and the stories behind it.

Maps By Cornelia Duemling

My Happy Place by Cornelia Duemling

Hamburg, Hamburg, DE


My happy place are my shoes. Right now it is this pair of sneakers which are my choice companions for most of my walks. I love to walk, and it doesn‘t matter if it is a city I explore on vacation, or if I go on my daily walks at home. There is always so much to explore and discover and see. Walking connects me with the world around me and brings everything into perspective. Usually I come home bright eyed, happy and full of energy and ideas. Even on the days I started out with aches or a bad mood. After the walk everything is better. This prompt was a great reminder to finally pay hommage to my shoes and give them a little backdrop of the things we explored together.