Beth Pecora

Mars, PA, USA

Maps By Beth Pecora

Hellskaep by Beth Pecora

Mars, PA, USA


Hi! My name is Beth Pecora- I'm currently a senior at MICA, and I completed this map for Rebecca Bradley's Maps class!

I decided to create a world map for the concept pitch I've been working on my senior year. The story follows the protagonist, Tibia, the heir to the Kataqom kingdom. Tibia is regarded as special for having the brightest glowing crown in Kataqom. When her home is attacked by the Nokturns, a race of light-stealing goo demons, she must journey outside of the underground kingdom and into the vast Hellskaep to discover the truth about her crown.

This is actually one third of the entire Hellskaep map! On this third, I have mapped out the Ennard farmlands and town. I hope that as I finish the other sections, I can submit those as well!