Aastha Choudhary

Mumbai, Maharashtra , IN


Aastha is a Mumbai based illustrator and painter who is inspired by people around her. A true survivalist who can draw in any condition. Her free spirit reflects in her art that she reserves for herself. Her current favourite subjects to draw and paint are faces and cats.

Aastha started her art career from Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from J.J. Institute of Applied Art (2011), Mumbai, India and Masters in Visual Arts from M.S. University of Baroda (2013), Gujarat, India.

Maps By Aastha Choudhary

Mapping This Moment: Quarantine View by Aastha Choudhary

Mumbai, Maharashtra , IN


We all are facing same situation, entire world is living same life. Rather it's India or Italy, New York or Singapore there is one thing common which is hope. In this lockdown period when I look outside I find different people in the balcony. They are attractive, hopeful and looking forward to have a better tomorrow.