Dubai, UAE, AE


Hello, I’m Suchi. A self-taught illustrator drawing whimsy people-stories. I color outside the lines while drinking a lot of coffee.

Maps By Suchi

Back in my time it was a planet I swear! by Suchi

Dubai, UAE, AE


'A dwarf planet, that's what Pluto is', quipped my 6yo. OMG so the mnemonic 'My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets is no longer valid!' That messy space is typically a scene at home when we are searching for something. We come across everything else than what we were searching for. Lol!

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Tags: Fun & FunkyOuter Space

Mapping This Moment by Suchi

Dubai, UAE, AE


My crazy-covid days have been swinging wildly between chaos and order. This whimsy illustration shows a typical day in my current life - and sometimes I don't even realise the day I am on!

I have ended up with new routines and a newer meaning to my mantra 'one day at a time!' But I am so thankful I have my time to draw and create - that's my happy space where I connect, explore and discover something new every day.

Thanks TDAT for this wonderful prompt to map my moment - I think I am going to frame my own art and recall this strange time and say 'Yay! I survived!' :)