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If you're an editor who works in print, here is a selection of links that will download 300 dpi JPGs of maps that we really love from all over the world. Please, contact us for our permission before sending anything to print (of course, we'll say yes...we just like to know!). There are so many awesome maps on the site, so if you see one that you really like that's not in this list, let us know!

Big Sur, California by Nate Padavick
Biking in Vermont: A Sweet 30 Mile Loop by Nate Padavick
Nelson, British Columbia by Jessica Rae Gordon
Where to Find Cashew Chicken in Springfield, Missouri by Nicole Peters
Bangkok, Thailand by Aunyarat Watanabe 
Kyoto, Japan by Jessica Pollak
Enchanting Prague by Joanna Gniady
Brussels, Belgium by Philippe Debongnie 
Andalucia, Spain by Benjamin Bay
Fooling Around the Skiathos Island by Tomek Giovanis
Driest Desert in the World, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile by Carolina Celis
The Fantastic Antarctica by Aneu Martinez

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