Where We Walk Map Challenge

WHERE WE WALK Map Challenge

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Creative Brief

From routes and rambles to treks and trails to saunters and strolls, it's time to illustrate the wonders of your wanders! Create an illustrated map of your favorite walkabout. 

There's nothing like a nice long walk—through a city, in a forest, along the water—to clear one's head and re-connect with nature and the outside world. 

Where do you walk? What's your favorite route? Next time you take that trail, pay extra attention to the sights you see along the way—a historic building, a beautiful tree, flora, fauna, a friend's house, a local coffeeshop, your favorite view. Maybe even take your sketchbook with you!

Your map doesn't need to be geographically accurate, but it does need to convey the unique personality of the hike you like!

Consider these ideas:

  • include mile markers to show the distance
  • insert an inset map to show where this walk is located
  • invite a friend or family member to walk with you and create their own illustrated version
  • identify all things of a certain category, like all the tree types or house styles
  • imbue it with info from a walking app, like steps and elevation and calories

Publication Prizes

100 maps will be selected by Nate and Salli and reproduced in the next TDAT publication called They Draw & Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps of Wonderful Walks from Around World! The winners can purchase, for a limited time, unlimited copies of this book from Amazon at TDAT’s wholesale price. 

*100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will help pay our website bills.



Submit your illustration by end of day Monday, February 1, 2021

Map Guidelines

  • Anyone may submit a map
  • Your map must be an original work of your art
  • Your map must follow the creative brief
  • You may submit multiple maps!

File Guidelines

  • Scanning File Size: 16.667" W x 6.25" H and 300 dpi
  • Digital File Size: 5000px W x 1875px H
  • File Type: JPG or PNG, RGB color
  • Files must be submitted via TDAT’s Submit a Map page 

Layout Guidelines

100 maps will be reproduced in a book published by They Draw & Travel. To be eligible, it is important that no text sits in the 1.25" space in the middle of the illustration. In a TDAT book, the illustration spans the left and right pages and we don't want text to be unreadable because it sits within this space (called the book's gutter). It's OK for artwork and color to be there, but no text!


In addition to our Terms of Service—in which you grant us the rights to share your art on this site, in our newsletters, and within our social media—you also grant us the royalty-free rights to reproduce your artwork (along with your name and website, if applicable) in our next book of illustrated maps.

Judging Criteria

  • Inspiration: Does the map evoke the personality of the route?
  • Concept: Does the map have an interesting story or theme?
  • Technique: Does the illustration style appear well-executed?
  • Typography: Is the type or hand-lettering smartly placed and legible?

The judges, TDAT co-founders Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, have the right to limit submissions to those of sufficient and suitable quality. 


Send Nate an email. There is no such thing as a dumb question!