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Be careful, mapmaking is addictive!

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Get Started:
Check out Nate's crash-course 9-step guide to planning and sketching an illustrated map.

Map Size:
All artwork on TDAT is the same size. 16.667" wide x 6.25" high (a.k.a. 423.34mm wide x 158.75mm high or 5000px wide x 1875px high)

File Type: 
300 dpi JPG in RGB color (RGB is very important for display on screen)

Things We Love to See in a Map: 
Hand-lettering, smart typography, original layouts, fun itineraries, engaging themes, compass roses, mermaids, inset maps, legends and artwork that celebrates all the things you love about a particular place.

To Be Considered for Publication: 
It is very important to keep text out of the 1.25" space in the middle of the illustration. In our books, the illustration takes up an entire spread (left and right pages) and we don't want text to be unreadable because it falls in the gutter (where the pages are bound to the spine.) It's OK for illustration to be there, just not text!