A Book of 96 Illustrated Maps of the UK and Iceland

Our 2nd compendium of illustrated maps! 

They Draw and Travel
96 Illustrated Maps of the UK, Ireland and Iceland

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Size: 6.14" x 9.21" (15.6 x 23.4 cm), 104 pages, full-color
ISBN: 978-1540364012
Edited by: Nate Padavick

A great gift for artists, designers, illustrators, explorers and travelers!

This compendium of 96 illustrated maps celebrates the big cities and small villages of the United Kingdom (and Iceland too!) These maps are not only creative expressions of the artist's love for a particular place in the UK and Iceland, but they also often contain insightful tips and recommendations for things to do and places to visit.

For example, do you know where to go for a really great bike ride in Sussex? Do you know how to find the lovely Kew Garden outside London? Or, how about all the fun things to do in Reykjavík? A fantastic hike from coast to coast in England? What to eat in Ireland?! 

This book features so many of the things that many Great Britain great and Iceland such a nice land! Experienced on the road or in the chair, this compendium of 96 illustrated maps is an exciting way to get to know the UK and Iceland through the eyes of artists.

About They Draw & Travel
In 2011, the brother-and-sister design duo Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell founded the website They Draw & Travel. Today it is the largest collection of online illustrated maps created by artists, illustrators and doodlers from around the world. This book is a selection of envisioned by the artists who contribute to the vast and diverse creative community on They Draw & Travel.

Artwork above by Sarah Papworth and Jamie Malone

Artwork above by Ohn Mar Win and Emily Baird Schramm

Artwork above by Sarah Papworth and Roshny Patel

Artwork above by Sophia Shaw and Jamie Runnells

Artwork above by Collin Leix and Shruti Prabhu

Artwork above by Pinyada Ratansungk and Lisa Graves

Artwork above by Nigel Turner

Artwork above by Ohn Mar Win and Mitzie Testani

Artwork above by Karen Nolan and Fatti Burke

And 80 more illustrated maps created by Domenica Adamson, Abigail and Chloe Baldwin, Jamie Bartlett, Rebecca Bradley, Fatti Burke, Carl Brown, Jen Burbridge, Ester Sánchez Cacho, Miguel Campos, Amy Cartwright, Casie Clardy, Hannah Clark, Rebecca Cook, Bek Cruddace, Abi Daker, Lorna Edwards, Tracey English, Nic Farrell, Serena Ferrari, Monika Forsberg, Alex Foster, Silvia Casanova Fuga, Lydia Futral, Jessie G, Lauren Goode, The Googly Gooeys, Richard Goodwin, Lisa Graves, Katy Halford, Gwyneth Hibbett, Danamarie Hosler, Alex Hotchin, Christina Kent, Anastasiia Kucherenko, Collin Leix, Holly Macdonald, Adrian Macho, Jamie Malone, Amy McKay, Luis Mendo, Robyn Mitchell, Sheila Moxley, Karen Nolan, Louise Norman, Rena Ortega, Nate Padavick, Sarah Papworth, Jitesh Patel, Roshny Patel, Victoria Pepper, Lauren Percz, Benjamin Phillips, Shruti Prabhu, Pinyada Ratanasungk, Emma Ridgway, Kate Rochester, Jamie Runnells, Elisa Scesa, Emily Baird Schramm, Phil Scroggs, Tom Serratti, Sophia Shaw, Mel Smith Designs, Angela Smyth, Nic Squirrell, Marissa L. Swinghammer, Vesper Stamper, Catharina Teofilovic (KATE T.), Patra Tawatpol, Mitzie Testani, Nigel Turner, Dimitra Tzanos, Isabel Valfigueira, Charlotte Vallance, Liv Wan, Sarah Ward, Claire Wiles, Ohn Mar Win, Tom Woolley, Farida Zaman, and Malou Zuidema

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