A Book of 100 Illustrated Maps from Outer Space

Our 5th compendium of illustrated maps! 

They Draw and Travel: 100 Illustrated Maps from Outer Space

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Size: 6.14" x 9.21" (15.6 x 23.4 cm), 104 pages, full-color
Edited by: Nate Padavick
Covert Artwork by: Salli S. Swindell

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The maps you see in this book were submitted to They Draw & Travel in a call for content in Fall 2020. We challenged artists around the world to illustrate a map from somewhere in outer space—actual, factual, fictional, or pure fantasy! While nearly 200 maps were submitted—see them all here—we only had room to print 100 of them in this book. These maps represent an intergalactic sample of the out-of-this-world creativity of dozens and dozens of artists.

Some artists chose to illustrate our solar system, while others depicted the constellations. Some maps tell a story of space travel, others provide futuristic fantastic itineraries, a few share insightful histories, a couple teach us factoids amongst asteroids, and they all celebrate the beauty of the universe.

About They Draw & Travel
In 2011, the brother-and-sister design duo Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell founded the website They Draw & Travel. Today it is the largest collection of online illustrated maps created by artists, illustrators and doodlers from around the world. This book is a selection of envisioned by the artists who contribute to the vast and diverse creative community on They Draw & Travel.

Here are a few maps included in this compendium:

The Space Bar by John Ravi

Constellations by Katia Bulbenko

A Yummy Milky Way by teechewpaper

The Zoo Above You by Scott Schiller

A Look at Pluto by Mary Lins

Zodiac Constellations by Mitzie Testani

Jupiter: the 5th Planet from the Sun by Bindy James

First Contact by Renee Melia

A is for Astronaut by Marcia Spoor

Imagine Space by Jenna Freimuth

Other illustrators featured in this book are...

Nikita Cee, Studio Amelie, Michael B. Avery, John Ravi, Shannon Lamb, Gina Lento, Lindsay Roberts, Carla Sam, Saori Ohkuni, Katia Bulbenko, Anabella Ortiz, Meg Anger, Laura Levie, Tammy Chew, Scott Schiller, Lisa Mellows, Mary Lins, Mitzie Testani, Bindy James, Jennevieve Schlemmer, Annie Zygarowicz, Ivy Trazsi, Little Sisters Studio, Renee Melia, Melissa Lee, James McInvale, Alison Day, Julia Glukhoy, Simone Viegas, Clau Hidalgo, Mariana González P. Caraza, Lynda M. Metcalf, Jessie Burch, Mayha Suaysom, riko., Geeta Sadashivan, Sylvia Masek, Marcia Spoor, Sandra Neuditschko, Juliana Oakley, Sara, Charu Jain, Teamea Costa, Sienna Youngsun Kim, Veronica Parra, Okuworks, StinkyInky_Jess, Maria Jesus Delgado, Cameron Hahn, Mellifera Paper, Jennifer Hines, James Orndorf, No14 Graphic Design, Rebecca Santo, Jenna Freimuth, Anita Perez, Shay, Gina M. Brown, Sunhee Park, Helena Elterman, Michelle Goggins, Salli S. Swindell, Leticia Plate, Alice Caldwell, Ariel Magnes, Jane Pakis, Lainey Yehl, Angela Sbandelli, BeeMine Designs, Kara Peters, Sophie Kittredge, Silky Rose Design, Narges Fayaz, Natalia González, Giulia Valentina Poggio, Nate Padavick, Ohn Mar Win, Fell, Annelieke Hooymans, Cata Adelgoss-Mejia, Giulia Borghi, Katherine Ballesteros, Allison Strine, Jessie Luo, Giulia Borghi, Sharon, Allyson Wilson, Caitlin Craig, All Things Moving, and nataliaoro.

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