Set me up

Hello TDAT artist!

Claim your map artwork from the old TDAT site and to setup your new Artist Profile page. It's easy!

1. Click the link below. You'll be asked to log in to Facebook.* 
2. After connecting, enter the original email(s) you used on the old TDAT.
3. Check your mail (and spam, just in case) and click the link in the email. 
4. Visit your new Artist Profile page and edit it to include your info. 

Get started: set up your Artist Profile page!


*We've switched to Facebook for logins. It is easy, safe, and very secure for you and for us. And, we hate remembering user ids and passwords! We determined that over 95% of TDAT artists have a Facebook account. If you do not have one, there is nothing we can do about this right now, but please let us know. Your recipe artwork will still be displayed and credited to you, but you won't have a special Artist Profile page.