Reserve Your Ad on MFH

Reserve your Ad on Mapmakers For Hire

Our Mapmakers For Hire (MFH) page is the one-stop shop for art buyers looking for illustrators who draw maps! 

MFH Placement Only: $90 (reduced price for late placement) 
Through July 1 2020

• 1 Ad placement on our MFH page 
• 1 Ad placement on our Pinterest page
• 1 Ad placement in 1 MFH Newsletters (9K+ subscribers, 700+ art directors)


*Send Nate an email with a link to your map portfolio before signing up!

MFH Full Promotion: $200 
Feb 2019 to July 1 2020

• Sold out!
• 1 Ad placement for 1 year on our MFH page 
• 1 Ad placement for 2 weeks on the TDAT home page
• 1 Ad placement on our Instagram feed
• 1 Ad placement on our Pinterest page
• 1 Ad placement in a bi-weekly TDAT Newsletter (8K subscribers)
• 1 Ad placement in 2 MFH Newsletters (8K+ subscribers, 700+ art directors)

Your "Badge"
Upon payment, please create a 1000x1000 pixel JPG "badge" to represent yourself on the Mapmakers For Hire page. Email it to Nate along with the URL to which your "badge" should link. Check out the current Mapmakers For Hire page to see what other illustrators have done!

Thank you
Thanks for supporting and advertising your freelance business on TDAT. 100% of the money we receive helps pay the operating expenses of this site.



Read what other illustrators are saying!

I have great news! I got commissioned by American Airlines.Yay! They said they had found me through TDAT. I was so excited! I really appreciate your constant support for freelance illustrators.
Aunyarat Watanabe

I received a second map inquiry this morning. Not sure what will come of it, but I definitely appreciate all of the opportunities you are leading me to.
Mitzie Testani

I received several commissions directly from art directors who found me on Mapmakers For Hire. My presence on that page definitely exposed me to a new range of clients.
Josephine Skapare

I find They Draw & Travel incredibly helpful for getting in contact with new clients.
Isabelle Skoog

Joining Mapmakers For Hire proved to be a great decision. As a new map illustrator on the scene, it got me exposure and commissions that I'm sure I would not have gotten otherwise.
Scott Schiller

Advertising on Mapmakers For Hire has really paid off for me! It's definitely exposed my work to new and different types of clients then I've had in the past. I'm also pleased to say that a lot of these clients have hired me more than once!
Jessica McGuirl

Because I advertised on Mapmakers For Hire, my work was seen by some of my now best clients. I've had the incredible opportunity to work on multiple puzzles, greeting cards, and licensed art prints over the past couple years because art directors saw my work on MFH. I'm so grateful to Nate and TDAT for creating a space that my artwork could be seen by the perfect clients.
Joy Laforme

I've made wonderful contacts and been able to work on creative projects through my advertisement on TDAT's Mapmakers For Hire page. Since my maps are a large part of my illustration business, I can' think of a more appropriate advertising venue and I just love being a part of TDAT's supportive and inspiring community.
Betsy Beier