South to North of Mahé, Seychelles by Nip Rogers

New York, Lake Placid, USA


This map is divided into three; the left hand side is of the South of Mahé, highlighting my favorite part of the South, which is Anse Royal – where you’d to snorkel and free dive and surf and watch turtles hatch, see a lot of stars and eat good pizza from Kaz Kreole, the middle part of the map is Victoria, which is the hub of Seychelles – where you’d go if you needed fresh produce and seafood from Selwyn Selwyn market, bus terminal, shopping centers, and the right hand side of the map is of Beau Vallon, which is one of the main social grounds of Mahé – where you’d go to hang out, scuba dive with Blue Sea Divers, meet interesting people and make new friends.

Two years ago from today, in February 2013, it was time for a new adventure. I landed in a part of the world that I didn’t even know existed up until I was making plans to fly there and make it my home for a while. I found myself in the Seychelles islands, Mahé city, and settling into my new home in Anse Royal. I had never seen anything like it before; the ocean was everywhere, crystal clear waters, laid back and friendly people selling their fresh catch of the day on the street side stands. What a great place to start out. Many ‘firsts’ followed: first time snorkeling, first time seeing a full moon by the ocean surrounded by palm trees and coconuts, first time laying on the perfect sand to watch stars with the love of my life.

After a month and a half of getting to know the south side of the island, it was time for us to find a more permanent place to lay our heads. We landed in Glacis, just down the road from Beau Vallon on the northwest side of the island. Even though the distance between the two areas is fairly long, it didn’t change the beautiful scenery and positive vibes at all and our home was a stone throw away from the beach. After 2 months there, we finally ended up settling in the mountainous, rainforest area of Sans Souci…where the days are sunny but cool and breezy and the starry nights are just plain amazing. No matter where you end up on this island, there is always beauty to be found close by.