Wild Holbox in Mexico by Rena Ortega

Barcelona, ES


When you arrive to Holbox the first time, from Chiquila Harbour, you only can think in one thing: This is paradise! And actually, it is! Calm, happiness, colour and Nature wraps all this island. There you are going to find this secret essence about life that sometimes is hard to find.
Kind people, animals, ceviche, margaritas, seafood, silence, smiles, relax and streets full of colour with its cool paints... this is Holbox! But there is only one thing that cannot be compared to anything: to swim with de WhaleSharks, the biggest fish on earth. They are so big, so calm, so awesome that you'll feel you've done one of the most incredible thing in your life. And don't leave Holbox without visiting Isla Pajaros, a nature sanctuary full of birds and flamingos, and to swim in Yalahau, a freshwater lagoon that yucatan mayas says it is the true fountain of youth! Maybe even you see a jaguar!
This map is dedicated to my Mexican lovely friends (Lau, Ram, Paco, Jorge, Angela and Rodolfo) that helped me on my perfect Holbox tour.