Kham Chanot Forest, Thailand by Supitcha Senarak

Bangkok, Lardprow, Thailand


A sacred place where villager in the vicinity pay their homage to. It is said that the place is an entrance of the underground world, residence of serpent kings according to the belief of northeast Thai people and Laos people. There was a big news about 10 years ago that a film entertainment company named Cham Chan was hired to show the movies, byt the ghost, in such area thus causing a large number of people who have such faith and interesting tourists to visit the place at present. The 20 rais area is thickly covered with Chanote trees which feature mixes between sugar palm and coconut palm. It, then, makes the atmosphere very cool. There is also a shrine and a sacred pond for homage paying in the area too.

credit : http://suparit-resort.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html