A Walk in the Heart of the Apennines by Silvia Zecca

San Giuliano Milanese, Milano, IT


I come from the Italian Apennines and spend much of my time over there at my grandma's home. One of the things I've always loved the most is taking a very long walk across the valley on Sunday mornings that starts from home to Bedonia, a town in the center of the Taro valley. It's a long walk into the green fields and a lot of fresh air at the edge of the wood. It's not unusual, during the walk, to meet hedgehogs and sometimes even deers or a fox.
Once in town I go get focaccia bread, have a walk around the colorful houses and tiny streets and go back home ready for lunch after a 10 km walk and many hills. I have happened to walk even further along the river, up to Compiano's Castle, but then after a couple of times I realized it was a little too much for a morning walk..!