Mapping This Moment: Weekly Supermarket Grocery Run by Tammy Chew

Singapore, SG


I love grocery shopping, it's therapeutic. And heading to the neighbourhood supermarket is probably the most 'exciting' moment in my life these days. In Singapore, the new normal now is having to put on masks, have our IDs scanned and temperature checked before we're allowed into the supermarkets. It's also interesting to observe what everyone is buying these days to stock up at home. Stuff that people used to panic buy - eggs, hand sanitizer, toilet paper - are now fully stocked. Instead, kimchi, pasta and baking goods are flying off the shelves. It's also a bummer that everyone else loves sour cream and onion chips as much as I do. What are people stocking up on in your area, and what are your personal essential items to tide you through this stay home period? Keep a safe distance and stay healthy!