Scenery of Bad Gastein by Stiftmieze

Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg, DE


This place is special to me because it perfectly connects past, present and future. Attracted by it‘s myth I visited Bad Gastein. Located absolutely idyllic, 1002 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Austrian alps of Salzburger Land, there is a lot to discover: charming Belle Époque buildings, it‘s iconic waterfall in the town centre and the alpine scenery. The thermal springs made it to an popular bathing resort in former days. There was an endless coming and going of famous artists, royals, novelists and composers. After it has been temporary forgotten it‘s been rediscovered by young creative people, who became aware of it’s great potential. Little boutique hotels and alpine lodges with new concepts opened. Bad Gastein is absolutely worth a journey to experience this unique historic atmosphere, the new established urban chic, combined with the stunning scenery which invites to ski and hike.