Knoxville, TN by Paris Woodhull

Knoxville, TN, US


I grew up around artists, politicians, messy kids, ex-cons, cranky neighbors, activists and community busy-bodies. I was 4 months old when my parents moved our family from the suburbs to a house just two blocks shy of the projects in Knoxville, TN. Growing up, I never felt like my normal wasn’t “normal.” We were people learning and growing with the community around us. And Knoxville? It was changing. A slow, steady, thoughtful change. Over the years Knoxville has flourished in so many different ways while continuing to push for even more change. There were definitely moments when I thought for sure I would move. What can a small town like Knoxville offer me as an artist?! It turns out...a lot...even a living making art. I’m grateful for Knoxville and all of the ways it has taught me to love, learn, listen and grow. I was born/raised here, I've learned difficult lessons here, I've celebrated wins here, and I've felt the love of a honest/supportive community. Knoxville is home.