Avondale: A Neighborhood Community by Laura Levie

Birmingham, AL, US


This place is special to me because I have watched it transform yet still maintain strong ties to its history during my 13 years living here.  An historic neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, Avondale joins the old and the new, with a focus on community.  Avondale has grown from a small settlement clustered around a spring to a thriving entertainment district, spurred by the natural beauty and heritage of Avondale Park.  Local businesses pay tribute to Miss Fancy, the elephant that lived in the park during its brief stint as a zoo. They also celebrate the former occupants of their buildings (post office, firehouse, saloon), while poised to craft memorable stories of their own.  The area fosters a community spirit, from casual eateries, watering holes, shops and live music venues, to church cookouts and outreach programs.  Even the ducks contribute to that sense of community, as they swim and hang out together in the park.  I love my neighborhood!