Take the Kids to Kaohsiung by Kelli J

Hualien, TW


In 2015, our family of five left our home country with nothing but carry on luggage in search of some adventure. We landed in Kaohsiung and ended up calling it home for 3 years. From the buzz of city life to the peacefulness of nature, you'll find it all within Kaohsiung. The public transportation is excellent, it's very safe, the food is amazing, the people are unbelievably friendly, and best of all you can spend the entire day running around the city very inexpensively. This map focuses specifically on the Yancheng and Qianjin Districts in the southern part of the city. Long ago considered to be the "downtown" Kaohsiung, the area holds many old style Taiwanese homes and monuments that the northern parts of the city are lacking. Recent revival efforts have brought in some more modern, artistic elements giving visitors the best of both worlds. Whatever your travel habits may be, Kaohsiung has something to offer all travelers.