Jeju Island, South Korea by Kelsey Cretcher

Cleveland, Ohio, US


This place is special to me because it encompasses the gamut of South Korean history and culture in one beautiful place. Jeju Island is often referred to as the "Hawaii" of Korea. A naturally beautiful place featuring many volcanic craters and lava tunnels, as well as Mt. Hallam in the center of the island. Much like most of South Korea, Jeju is jammed packed with unique museums of every form. Not only art and history, but things like Tea, Teddy bears, Human Sexuality, KPOP, and KDramas. It also holds a bounty of natural beauty including multiple waterfalls and a UNESCO world heritage site called Sunrise Peak. Many unique things come out of Jeju island as well, including a Jeju specific orange variety, black pigs which yield famed black pork (heralded as the Kobe Beef of pork) and beautiful stone statues. With its own airport, you can easily experience all of Korean history and culture with just a layover on this beautiful island. For this map, I picked out my favorite, must-see locations, that are unique experiences when visiting Jeju Island. A mix of natural and man-made locations, as well as some of the wonderful guesthouses and unique restaurants in each region. If you ever get that chance to visit Jeju Island, this is my suggested itinerary!