Lynchburg, Virginia for the Undercover Tourist by AnnaClaire Helene



This place is special to me because it’s my lovable little college town in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains. I feel like a local by now, but here’s the thing: when I’m traveling to an unfamiliar spot, I like the idea of staying undercover as much as possible. Anyone relate?? Yep, I know I’m snapping photos every 2 minutes and have an itinerary straight out of Yelp, but do the locals really have to roll their eyes and shake their heads?? So, to help you avoid being targeted as tourists by eagle-eyed college students, I want to pass on some tips on how to blend in and convince them you’re one of their own. So check out the map, head into the mountains, and you’ll be feeling 22 in no time ;)