Würzburg, Germany: A Modern City with Cultural Heritage by Rachel Schmiedel



This place is special to me because my father was stationed here after WWII. Years later I met husband, who is from here, and our family has made memories walking the Residenz gardens, eating gelato, watching fireworks from the Fortress, attending festivals and concerts, and shopping. Dating back to the time of the Celts, Würzburg is a culturally rich seat of Prince Bishops who ruled for over 6 centuries. Despite a history of peasant revolts, witch trials, and invasions, and the bombing of WWII that destroyed almost 90% of the city, the city was rebuilt and thrives today. Some beauties are the Residenz, one of the most ornate palaces in Germany, the spectacular vineyards, the multiple churches, and the sculptures by Riemenschneider. I'm partial to walking around the city, tasting the gelato and cuisine, and shopping.