Kalapur: The Treasured Heritage by Ajinkya Chavan

Kolhapur, Maharashtra, IN


Kolhapur is a very ancient city, famous for its food, footwear, jewellery, wrestling and religious connections. The city of Kolhapur famous as 'Dakshin Kashi' since ancient times is a holy place and was historically known for being the capital of the 'Kolhapur Sansthan'. Its rich legacy,tradition and culture, the presence of the mahalaxmi temple, palaces, the various arts, delicious cuisine and rich culture make the city an ideal tourist destination. The architecture of Kolhapur is a varied pleasure of styles indulging into a traditional & a royal background. It merely depicts a journey from temples, to palaces ,to mandapas, to public buildings ,to lakes & finally is blessed with its urge to nurture and develop the art & culture.Buildings with architectural significance and traditional values are considered for their preservation and conservation.
Preservation of heritage structures requires maintenance as necessary in order to maintain the building precinct or artifact in its present state to prevent and retard deterioration.