Four Seasons of Fun by Kimberley Guilmette

Ontario, CA


Childhood memories, my backyard was several acres of open fields, and a huge rolling hill under a hardwood forest! which we thought was a mountain as kids. The best memories I have, tobogganing under a full moon, and sledding every day in the Winter, the days when I loved Winter! Then the arrival of Spring & bunnies were everywhere, and the maple trees were tapped for Maple Syrup, singing birds & best of all when you’re a kid...mud! and rubber boots for splashing! I still love the smell of mud in the Spring! Then Summer, my favourite season of all...barefeet, butterflies, picnics, every minute of everyday day in the great outdoors. building tree forts, flying kites, does anyone fly kites anymore? and finally the season of colour, Fall! no more barefeet, but so much colour, collecting leaves, and running through them & the arrival of pumpkins! I feel so blessed to have had this as my playground as a child, unique memories I will always treasure.