Ferris the Bouvier’s Day Off by Kimberley Guilmette

Ontario, CA


I watched our bouvier, Ferris from my upstairs, studio window last week, playing in the backyard, amusing himself & just thought it would make a great map! We can’t always travel afar, but we can appreciate where we are, and make the best of what we have, and I certainly saw him doing that! lessons learned from our dog! he’s happy chasing his ball, or chewing on one of his many bones, or just rolling in the snow! He gets a big run everyday, and sometimes runs with me, but he’s just as happy in his yard! and he loves the snow! Hand-drawn & hand-lettered map, in ink & watercolours, our backyard. He’s such a great fella, full of life and always makes us laugh, he certainly can teach you to embrace life fully! I had a lot of fun with this map! and illustrating his busy day! no need to explain the yellow snow!