Pandharpur  the pilgrimage and godly town

Pandharpur, India: The Pilgrimage and Godly Town by Ajinkya Chavan

Kolhapur, Maharashtra, IN


When you hear mantras being chanted by priests and the mellifluous singing of hymns by devotees, you know you have reached Pandharpur. Situated in the Solapur district in Maharashtra, Pandharpur is a famous pilgrimage spot in the state. It attracts tourists who are on a spiritual quest from all over the country who come here to worship and pay respect to the Gods and Goddesses in this town. All the festivals and rituals are done with complete faith and devotion by the locals. The festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. Situated on the banks of River Bhima, Pandharpur also offers scenic beauty and riverside enjoyment to its tourists. Every Wednesday is considered to be the auspicious day of the week and Ekadashi is considered to be sacred in this holy town. Festivals are celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm in this city. Festivals like Aashadi Ekadashi and Karthik/Karthik Ekadashi are popular in the city, and attract many visitors. The best time to visit the city is in June-July and November, which are the main festive periods.