Mapping Memories in New York City by Kimberley Guilmette

Ontario, CA


I was lucky enough to have a great friend, that won a weekend in NYC and took me with her, and this map is a 'flashback' to that great weekend! I could never thank her enough!! It was a first for both of us, and we crammed as much into those 3 days & 3 nights as humanly possible!! and I tried to put the 'high-lights' of that magical weekend into this map! We covered a lot of ground in 3 days, lots of walking...got the key sites in...lots of laughs & great memories made! I left the background white, because I thought the story was 'colourful' enough for such a colourful city! (and the feet featured at 30 Rockefeller & Battery Park...yeah, those were our selfies!)