TDAT in the Classroom

Assignment: Illustrate a Map!

If you're an art teacher or professor, we'd love to help make a fun assignment out of asking your students to illustrate a map for They Draw & Travel.

Check out the maps created by students from Savannah College of Art & DesignColumbus College of Art & Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, and Kent State University. We're happy to be as involved as you'd like us to be, from a kick-off skype to virtual crits.

After completing the assignment, you can direct your students to submit their map to this site (and include their school's name in the comment field of the submit form). We will post it for the world to see (assuming it meets our quality standards). TDAT is viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and quite a few art directors too!

Here are some guidelines to help you define the assignment. And, please, send an email to Nate if you have any questions, would like us to review sketches or to tell us that recipes will be on their way!


Illustrate a map of any place that you really love. The best illustrated maps are full of fond memories, great recommendations and emotion.  We think the funnest thing about hand-drawn maps is looking at what other people draw. Some people include lots of bakeries, while others include lots of places to drink. Maybe your map will commemorate a family vacation, or the neighborhood you grew up in, or it could even be fictional, like mapping a place from a favorite book of yours. One map on TDAT is a map of over 30 restaurants in Springfield, Missouri where you can order Cashew Chicken (the city is famous for it, who knew?!?!).

File Specifications

- 16.667" wide x 6.25" high (5000px wide x 1875px high)
- 300 dpi JPG in RGB color (this is VERY important)

Things Nate & Salli Love to See in a Map

Hand-lettering, smart typography and/or hand-drawn type, original and creative layouts, accurate instructions and emotion (humor, sweetness, tenderness, etc). As well as off-the-beaten-path locations and personal recommendations...things not found in a typical guidebook. 

Keep the Gutter in Mind

Nate & Salli have already published many books of illustrated recipes from the TDAC collection and are planning a similar book series for TDAT. If you want your map to be considered for future publications, please try to be mindful of the potential gutter (the middle crease of a book).

Have Fun!