Vanessa Montano

Detroit, MI, US


vanessa montano (she/her) is a metro-detroit based illustrator who focuses on quirky and fun work that consists of traditional inked lines and digital finishes. she has her bfa in illustration from the college for creative studies in detroit.

when not working on pieces, she enjoys petting her dog daisy, thinking about food 24/7, watching hilariously bad movies, gardening, and trying to collect all of the power moons in mario odyssey.

Maps By Vanessa Montano

Detroit, Michigan by Vanessa Montano

Detroit, MI, US


Detroit holds so many special memories for me, and it is definitely my happy place! I went to college in Detroit, and met so many diverse and incredible people from all walks of life while exploring downtown. From the incredible food to the numerous galleries and venues, it is a city that you could spend days exploring and still not find all of the hidden gems in it. I adore my city and to see it being a place of growth and a thriving source of creativity makes me so grateful to live here and feature it as my happy place.