Sukriti Nigam

Atlanta, Georgia, US


I am an Illustrator, Animator, Visual Designer. Currently pursuing my degree at Savannah College of Art & Design. I breathe Illustrations and looking to collaborate with the wonderful artists around me. I have 150 cities pinned on my travel map that I've been to and counting. I have worked as a Designer in some of the most interesting industries.

Maps By Sukriti Nigam

"Home Alone" Neighborhood by Sukriti Nigam

Atlanta, Georgia, US


It’s ‘Home Alone’! The most loved movie of all time. It may appear as an unusual map. But being an animator, my mind drifts towards movies and games sometimes. I have been a huge fan of this movie since childhood. One Christmas eve I received a gift from my father. A VCD tape of Home Alone and ever since I guess I have held on to it. I felt so excited to work on this map. It was an excellent opportunity to Illustrate the map of my all-time favorite movie. Even though I had such a long list of remarkable and beautiful cities to choose from, my heart went out for this. I hope you guys enjoy looking at it. Spit the pizza guy and the treehouse Kevin glides into through the rope.