Stephanie Peterson Jones

Asheville, NC, US


Stephanie Peterson Jones’s creates illustrations for children’s books, adult coloring books, textiles, stationery and gift products. Working in both traditional (watercolor and gouache) and digital media, often combined, she is known for her bright and cheerful illustrations, graphic surface patterns, intricate ink drawings, unique floor mandalas, and beautiful handwriting.

Stephanie’s books include the award winning book Peek-a-Moo, in print since 1998. She also wrote and illustrated Drawing for Joy, a book of 365 daily prompts to develop drawing skills and meditative practice, and the brand new “You’re Retired, Now What?”, a book of 52 lists for the newly retired, published by Peter Pauper Press.

She maintains her own daily drawing practice and feels a little bit off if she misses a day. She is inspired by the beauty in nature, kind people, and the little visual surprises she encounters each day. Much of her artwork evolves from her “daily meditations”, which are spontaneous paintings on postcard sized watercolor paper, done without a drawing or a plan. When she’s not making art, she’s taking a hike, knitting, making pottery, and teaching (or doing) Pilates. You can see more of her work at www.stephaniepetersonjones.com.

Maps By Stephanie Peterson Jones

Mapping This Moment: My Life in the Time of Covid-19 by Stephanie Peterson Jones

Asheville, NC, US


While needing to stay at home I decided to spend time doing what I love, finishing projects and taking care of myself. Grateful.