Stef Wong

New Westminster, BC, CA


Stefanie Wong grew up in Dubai, in the Middle East, where her childhood was filled with the tastes and aromas of Eastern cooking. A passionate cook herself, Stefanie dreams of one day writing and illustrating her own cookbook.

She currently makes her home in New Westminster on the west coast of Canada.

Maps By Stef Wong

The Bustling Riverfront of New Westminster, BC, Canada by Stef Wong

New Westminster, BC, CA


This place is special to me because I live here and frequent all these places of the New West Riverfront regularly. New Westminster is the oldest city in Western Canada. Yellow and blue are its colours. I had fun challenging myself to use a limited colour palette for my first ever illustrated map! Some fun facts:
1. The World’s Tallest Tin Soldier stands at 9.75 meters high.
2. The sculpture at Hyack Square is a reproduction of an iconic photo taken 3. at that intersection during war times in 1940.
4. The chair at Hive Cafe is made (by Hive City) completely of cardboard.
5. Pier Park has won several awards for urban design and even includes a small man-made beach.
6. WOW Westminster is a giant sculpture of the letter W using four shipping containers.

I love living here! It’s historic, tight-knit, and has the charms of both a bigger city and a small town.