Sonja Taljaard

Heidelberg, Western Cape, ZA


I grew up with a great artist and took art as a subject in school and from there I never stopped drawing. It became a part of who I am and how I think. I sold quite a few paintings and illustrations to different clients. I love color, interesting shapes, atmosphere and light in my subjects. Food illustrations is one of my most favorite subjects to paint.

Maps By Sonja Taljaard

Our Vintage Home and Garden by Sonja Taljaard

Heidelberg, Western Cape, ZA


This is not a map but when I saw all your maps and gardens I was so inspired to draw our garden and share with you the layout of where we have fruit trees and food grown. We make our own compost and we have a veggie garden on the side of the house as well as herbs and chillies. There are actually more fruit trees than what I show here but it was difficult to draw all of them!