Shirley Susilo

Atlanta, GA, US


Shirley Susilo--previously known under her pen name "S Y S", graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City and has more than ten years experience in illustration and sequential art.

She won the Bronze Prize of the International Manga Award in 2007 for SANG SAYUR (sŭng sŭ-yoor), a series on the colorful daily lives of fruit and vegetable characters--which then went on to be published by KOLONI, the comic division of the major bookstore chain and publishing group in Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia.

Other than making and appreciating art, her favorite pastimes include singing in a choir and listening to original music scores. She counts Sam Bosma, Goni Montes and Vernon Grant (among many others) as some of her favorite illustrators.

Maps By Shirley Susilo

My Middle Earth Characters Map by Shirley Susilo

Atlanta, GA, US


My first time creating a map and Lord of the Rings characters. It was fun and educational.
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