Saori Ohkuni

Kamogawa, Chiba, JP


I am a freelance illustrator and painter based in Japan.
My works are created with gouache, watercolor and colored pencil.

When I was a child, I moved from Japan to the United States, and with a language barrier, what helped me was drawing.
To me, drawing is still the best way to express my worldview ​​and feelings.

I love the beauty of nature, all the colorful things, vegan cooking, reading books and traveling around the world to discover new inspiration.

Maps By Saori Ohkuni

Mapping This Moment: Little Joys in Life by Saori Ohkuni

Kamogawa, Chiba, JP


When quarantine started because of COVID-19, I decided to spend this time doing things I couldn't do very much until then.
Even in this situation, there are many things I can do in and around the house, and I was able to notice the small happiness in my life.
It was very encouraging to see how people all over the world were spending this time through their unique drawings.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful project!