Rui Kinoshita

Tokyo, Tokyo, JP



My name is Rui Kinoshita, Japanese Graphic Designer / Illustrator.
After 2 years of studying Graphic Design in Melbourne Australia, I'm currently working for a design studio in Tokyo, Japan.

My passion in graphic design is branding, packaging, illustration, typography (a lot!) and I love to incorporate handmade elements into everything I do on the computer. But more than anything, I love having fun and when I'm not working on design stuff, mostly I spend time doing what I love such as DJing, travelling, doing sports and so on.

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Maps By Rui Kinoshita

Mapping This Moment by Rui Kinoshita

Tokyo, Tokyo, JP


My daily routine for the past 2 months. I had more flexible working hours, added free time of not commuting, less stressful environment, so being in quarantine was not actually so bad for me.

Cafe Map of Melbourne, Australia by Rui Kinoshita

Tokyo, Tokyo, JP


Melbourne is know as the world's best coffee city with more than 1,900 cafes. This map features 38 cafes in the iconic areas Brunswick, Fitzroy and the city of Melbourne.