Monica Fuchs-Tim Tim Watercolor

Sao Paulo, SP, BR


I’m a watercolor illustrator living in São Paulo, Brazil.
After working for years in the corporate gift area, I decided to learn more about watercolor and keep a consistent work. What inspires me most are spirituality, animals and hand power as an expression. My painting is full of details and always has a story being told.
Tim Tim Watercolor Design is my trademark for commissioned work and personalized stationery line. I also have my work being stamped in T-shirts and prints by a company here in Brazil.


  • @monica.fuchs.timtimwatercolor
  • +55 11 976292674
  • 18monicafuchs18@gmail.com

Maps By Monica Fuchs-Tim Tim Watercolor

My Memory Way by Monica Fuchs-Tim Tim Watercolor

Sao Paulo, SP, BR


Salvador...It’s my birth and childhood city, where I lived until move to São Paulo. I have the fondest memories about places I used to go with my parents. Small (great) pleasures. This is what my inside child remembers of a ( today) very chaotic but super beautiful and charming city. It was the first capital of Brazil, what makes it unique in many ways.