Marjolein Schalk

Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, NL


Marjolein Schalk is an illustrator from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Together with her husband Jeroen de Leijer they form Studio De Leijer.
They make illustrations, comics, tv programs, animations and books, for instance a vacation book about staycation.
Marjolein is co-founder and contributor of of the risograph-printed zine Wobby.
She practises her pencil-sharpening skills daily while standing in the downward-facing dog.

Maps By Marjolein Schalk

Duits Lijntje by Marjolein Schalk

Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, NL


Duits Lijntje is a historical route between The Netherlands and Germany, a railroad from East to West. It was used from 1873 until 1950. Nowadays it's used as a scenic route.