María Castelló Solbes

Berlin , Berlin , DE


Spanish Illustrator living in Berlin. I love maps, diagrams, and florilegia

Maps By María Castelló Solbes

Berlin, Now and Then by María Castelló Solbes

Berlin , Berlin , DE


This place is special to me because it’s emotionally connected to the memory of my youth. I discovered Berlin at a time when I was figuring out who I wanted to be, so every corner evokes intense emotions, memories and life expectations. I have recently moved back after ten years (who would have thought!). Reencounters can be a little bittersweet. The city has changed a lot, and so have I, but I am pretty sure it still remains one of the big love affairs of my life. Here goes a bit of the old and a bit of the new Berlin, some of my favorite places to share with the many visits you receive when you don’t live in your country of origin. Hope you enjoy the walk!